Monday inspiration #42

There is going to be a monday inspiration once in a while. This can be a random blog post with different kinds of pictures or a blog post with a specific style. For today’s monday inspiration, there will be random fashion and beauty pictures. Autumn has officially started and I thought it would be a great idea to show you some autumn fashion related inspiration! 


Pikachu nail art

Pika pikaa!! Such a great childhood memory. I wanted to create a Pikachu design for a very long time and now I finally had the chance to create one! I decided to keep it very easy. I wanted to create a design with the ears but I thought that this version would really be good as well. VERY Easy and it still looks like Pikachu.


October favorites

October favorites!! I Know it’s a bit on the late side but I thought it was great to upload it anyway. This is my first favorites video and I really enjoyed making this video! Definitely something I want to do every month. I also filmed with my new lights! Let me know what you think of the video and if you would like to see more favorite’s video’s.  (more…)


Finally a new animal design and this time a hippo! I thought it would be great to create a version like how I always create my animal designs. Those cute little blushing cheeks and bright colors. It’s not that hard but I do recommend to work very carefully. Take the time because you have to create some thin lines.  (more…)

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