My favorite Sally Hansen nail polishes

For long lasting and shiny manicures, I can definitely recommend the brand Sally Hansen. I have some of the Salon Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes in my stash and I do have to say that I kind of forgot to grab for them. I finally decided to try them again and I remember why I kept the nail polishes in my stash. For today, I will show you two of my most favorite colors.  (more…)


SNOWFLAKES! For today, I will show you the most easiest way of creating snowflakes on your nails. I remember that I made one before but I really wanted to create a look with a very soft/light blue and glitters. When you are going to re-create this design, you can always choose any color you would like to use!


Monday inspiration 45

There is going to be a monday inspiration once in a while. This can be a random blog post with different kinds of pictures or a blog post with a specific style. For today’s monday inspiration, there will be random fashion and beauty pictures. (more…)

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