About Qtplace:

I am a beauty, lifestyle blogger for Qtplace.com. I first started making nail art videos and I still do this twice a week. I have finally chosen to expand my website with fashion, beauty, health, makeup, lifestyle, etc.

On my youtube account for nail art, I’ve reached more than 100,000 followers. There are a lot of followers that also follows my blog. My numbers are getting higher every month on my blog. At this moment, I really want to thank all of you for following me and liking my nail art designs 🙂

About Mattania:
My name is Mattania and I live in Holland. I just finished school and I can call myself a Graphic designer. I love drawing since I was little. This is my blog to show my passion for art, fashion and beauty. I first started using this blog for my nail art designs but decided to start very proffesional with Qtplace.

What does QT mean?
I love Cute stuff! I wanted to try something unique instead of calling my blog “Cutieplace”. QT stands for : Cutie. Cu(Q)tie(T)

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