Are you interested in advertising on Qtplace? 

There are different options to make your product against payment promoted on A campaign can be tailored and everything is possible, of bannering to advertorials etc.

How to promote your website? 

A banner on will always be available on the right column or at the end of the website. The banner can be made by or made by your own company, but the prices are different.

An advertorial is an advertisement in the form of an editorial. The advertorial includes text with high resolution images added to the article. There are 2 ways of promoting an advertorial. The advertorial can be written by your company or a personal advertorial written by qtplace.

A productreview is one of the most promoted advertisments at the moment. After receiving the product for a review, there will be a review online within 3 weeks. The review will include text an high resolution images.

A Giveaway is a fun way to promote your website. There will be a giveaway and there is a possibility for people to win your products. The product giveaway can be hold from 4 days up to 2 weeks.


Please contact Qtplace on for more info and prices. 



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