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The balm Nude tude palette swatches

I love watching Michelle Phan’s tutorials and I love what she is using in her videos. When I saw her using a product from the Balm, I just needed to have a look on the website! I decided to check some reviews online and saw pretty good comments on the products. Most girls where a big fan of the nude tude palette. The colors looked very beautiful to me, so I wanted to try it aswel! 

I was so happy when the palette came into the mail. I find the packaging very funny. It’s funny that they actually used nude women with funny names. I’m not a big fan of the brush they used for this palette, but the brush can be good as an eyeliner brush I think? I wanted a color like “sexy” because I saw some good eye tutorials with that kind of color. I would love to try and make an eyelook with that color.

The pigment is very good and it was easy to apply. I made these swatches without an eyeshadow base. So who knows! This can even look better when you use an eyeshadow base. The shimmer looks very beautiful but I’m glad that they added 2 matte eyeshadow colors aswel. I’m a big fan of matte.

I like this palette a lot. It has very beautiful colors. Even tho I’m not the biggest fan of shimmer eyeshadows, I still like these colors! I would love to try more products from the balm. The “Meet Matt(e)” Is on my wishlist for a very long time now. Beautiful matte eyeshadow colors. Who knows, Maybe I will have that palette very soon ^_^. You will be able to buy the nude tude palette at the “the balm webshop” for $36.

What did you think of this palette?

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Catrice Ultimate nudes swatches

Catrice has come with nude nail polishes about a year ago. They decided to make 6 new nude polishes. These polishes are more pigmented than the previous nude polishes. I like that they used different nude colors like orange instead of only using different kinds of brown.

Catrice says: The new elegance and delicate nude. Six soft nude shades ranging from pink to light beige – sometimes shiny, sometimes with glitter. Seduce you into a new, elegant style. Apply once for a natural effect and twice for more coverage.

Nude is my favorite nail polish color to wear. Different reason are: It gives a professional look if you have a important meeting and it looks good on everything you wear. Bright colors are fun, but not for all the time. 

I will be swatching 3 nail polishes from the new nude collection. 070 Same Seine But different (Nude brown) 080 Sing: Oh, champs-elysees (Nude peach) 090 Karl says tres chic (Nude old pink).

090 Karl says tres chic  is a beautiful old looking pink. Its not a bright pink color which looks very beautiful. Old pink colors actually made me think of my grandma lol  😛 I didn’t like this kind of pink colors before, but now I do.

080 Sing: Oh, champs-elysees is a peach nail polish color with tiny glitters. The glitters really give it a finished touch! This nail polish is a bit stripy but if you use a top coat, you wont even see the stripes anymore. (always wear topcoat!!)

090 Karl says tres chic is a perfect light brown nude nail polish color. (that was a long sentence!:P). This nail polish color has a little amount of glitter. You will be able to see the glitters when you go outside or take a picture with flash light just like me.

I found the nail polish colors very beautiful. I would like to wear this anytime. My favorite fromt the 3 nudes is definitely 080 Sing: Oh, champs-elysees even tho it was a bit stripy but it doesn’t matter. 

Each nail polish costs 2.50 EURO. You will be able to buy this in Kruidvat and Trekpleister (holland). You will be able to find other places on the Catrice website.

Do you like nude colors?:)


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Essence season of extremes swatches

Essence has come with a new limited edition called “Season of extremes”. This collection has 12 nail polishes with 6 nude colors and 6 bright colors. There are 2 different kind of nail polishes, the solo nail polishes and the duo nail polishes.

Essence says: No time to be bored! Spring 2012 is going to be extreme colorful! with the nail polish collection “season of extremes”, two extremely trendy color combinations brings essence together. Bright colors are combined with subtle nudes for a unique color experience. whether you’re love color, mother-of-Pearl or nude, you can expect a gigantic amount of color nails. limitless creative possibilities for an extremely individual and jaw-dropping look!

I will review the nude colors from the solo nail polishes. I only saw 3 of the colors. I am not sure if Holland sells the nude yellow nail polish. all nail polishes costs EURO 1.79 each.

“07 Nude rules!” is a basic brown/nude nail polish color. This is a color you could wear anytime! This color looks a bit dusty but I like the way it looks. It worked perfect with 2 coats.

“08 did someone say nude” is a soft mint-green nail polish. I don’t find this a nude nail polish color, even tho I really like the color. Mint-green is my favorite color and this color is very beautiful. I used 2 coats.

“05 nude or what?” is my favorite from the nude collection. It’s a very beautiful soft, dusty looking purple. I love soft tones and this is perfect to wear. It actually looks a bit gray, but when you look closely, you can see that it has a purple tone it. I used 2 coats.


I really like these colors from Essence. You will be able to buy Essence in Kruidvat(Holland).

What do you think of the nail polishes?