January passed by very quickly and it’s time to show you how my month was. I was very busy thinking about new idea’s for my blog but it was also the last month before the No stop Don’t shop challenge was going to start. I shopped a lot and got kind of fed up with it and was glad to start the challenge.

Remember my blog post about the all matte palette from danni? I remembered that I was so impressed by the quality and decided to show some swatches before I posted the review online. A lot of people were impressed!

I remember why I loved Frisson from Chanel a lot! I received this color about 2 years ago and still love the color. I decided to wear it again after a very long time.

It was time for a swatch day! I was swatching a lot of new nail polishes from Faby nails. I decided to do the review in 2 parts because there are too many nail polishes to write about at once. I mentioned in my blog post that the color quality and formula was very good!

My new babies! As a lot of you may know, I love boots, heels but sneakers as well. I was in the sneaker phase again and bought some new Adidas shoes for my birthday ^^ I had a 5.00 EURO discount code and this shoe was already in the sale! I love these shoes but oh men! I still need to use these shoes a lot more because they hurt my feet at the moment.

The 2nd Blogazine! This time, they asked me which product I would like to use the most at the moment. I mentioned the Sleek sugar palette because it complete’s my facelook and gives it a beautiful warm look. You’re able to buy the NEW Blogazine now! The magazine costs 4.99 EURO and also available on the Fashionista website.

I wanted to get a desk planner. I noticed that I forgot to do a lot of things when I wrote the things on my computer. I knew that I needed to have something next to me on my desk so that I will remember looking in it. So far, I love it! It really helped me.

I saw this picture on Larissa from Kittehscupcakes instagram and thought it was a funny picture! I decided to place it on my instagram as well and it was so funny to see what people actually commented. ^^

The new matte palette from Tarte! When I saw this palette, I knew I had to get it immediately. I couldn’t get this palette out of my head and I loved seeing the eyeshadow colors. I was lucky that somebody from the USA sold some palette’s on ebay. Tarte doesn’t sell international at the moment which makes me a bit sad. Tarte looks like an amazing brand. Just a few more days and this palette is going to be mine!! <3

I was taking some new pictures for on the blog and decided to see how a dark lipstick color would look on me. I kind of liked it but wasn’t sure. I decided to upload a picture and asked if you liked dark lipstick colors as well. Most of the people said yes!

January was the last month to buy the things I still needed before the No stop! Don’t shop challenge was going to start. I was kind of excited. It’s going well so far but I did have a weird dream. I bought something from ebay by accident! I was upset because it’s only been 4 days and I already bought something. When I woke up, I was happy again and glad it was just a dream.

A lot of people was so surprised about the Ruby Woo dupe just like me! I thought this dupe was one of the best dupes I’ve ever seen and I’m glad a lot of girls liked it too! I decided that I want to make more dupe blog posts because it’s always fun to find a cheaper version of a product.

It was time for Pretty Little Liars! I still can’t believe that I know who “A” is. The people that watches PLL will understand what I’m talking about. It was such a big shock. I can’t wait for the next episode!

I have a lot more pictures on my Instagram. If you want to keep in touch and see my pictures, you can follow me on instagram! My instagram is: Qtplace.

How was your january?